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Northern Rockies Heritage Center At Historic Fort Missoula

The Northern Rockies Heritage Center (N.R.H.C.) is a private non-profit group formed with the mission of promoting historic, cultural and educational purposes.  Specifically, the N.R.H.C.’s intent is to develop an active, publicly oriented cultural center.  This mission is the primary binding condition on the federal Base Realignment and Closure enabling legislation. Under this legislation, the N.R.H.C. has taken title to 16 acres of property at the core of Historic Fort Missoula (an historic District on the National Register).  This property includes the Headquarters Building, Officers’ Row, the Parade Grounds, the Powder Magazine, the Water Tower, and the “South Lawn” (former site of the base Recreation Hall).
    Steve Adler was a member of the Board of Directors for the Northern Rockies Heritage Center for six years.  Steve was invited to join the board in 1997, his primary work on the board was as Chair of  Facilities.  This position oversees the Facilities Director’s position, daily operations and maintenance, development of the property for adaptive re-use and long range development plans.  Tasks achieved include development of guidelines for building and grounds alterations, construction of new accessibility ramps and egress stairs, oversight of a tree assessment and replacement program, roof repair, boiler repair, interior alterations, and multiple code reviews for varying scenarios.  
    With the N.R.H.C. as one of the hosts and core entities, community involvement of all Fort Missoula Stakeholders in a loosely defined master planning effort is ongoing,.  Primary current issues include traffic planning, utilities (area infrastructure), development of a “No New Pavement” policy, cooperative events planning, WWII Internment Camp interpretation, and development of heritage tourism for Historic Fort Missoula.  
    Amongst other development strategies, long range efforts include working with representatives of Congress and their staffs to procure support for grants and appropriations for development, preservation and accessibility alterations.


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