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Building 400 - Fort Missoula

   The Cell Block buildings, owned by the Regents of the University of Montana, were built in 1945-46.  They are within the Fort Missoula Historic District.  They are significant locally and regionally due to their history in relationship to World War II, and Fort Missoula’s role as a regional military base, and internment camp for foreign nationals, and American Citizens of foreign descent.  The jail was constructed for the imprisonment of American military soldiers charged with military crimes.

   In 1967 the building was renovated to accommodate university research and housed a colony of Rhesus Macaque monkey’s as well as research programs and undergraduate studies. In the mid 80’s the monkeys were moved to main campus and half of the space was turned over to Geology and the other half retained by the Division of Biological Sciences (DBS). Since that time the building has continued to be used for research, mainly as a staging area for the Montana Co-operative Wildlife Research Unit. and various Geology field research projects. It has also been used as a storage area for research materials for the two departments.

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