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The Valeo Residence

   Valeo residence has origins dating anecdotally back to the early 1880’s.  Prior to this project, nearly a hundred years of evolution had culminated a 1970’s renovation and addition in avocado green, shag carpet and faux wood paneling.  It was a hodge-podge.  The owners had a vision to remodel and add to the house in order to unify the overall design into one primary aesthetic.  The unification work was Neo-Victorian.  The original sawn-timber log cabin was given a proper foundation.  The existing layers of interior finishes were “peeled back” to expose original materials and what was left of the earliest finishes.  Most of the mechanical and electrical work throughout the house was abandoned or removed and replaced.  There were major structural enhancements throughout the whole of the existing house.  All three masonry fireplaces were preserved and re-worked or re-faced to match the Neo-Victorian aesthetic.  The budget worked out to around $500,000 and was subject to a very fluid dynamic of establishing priorities even as construction progressed.  It was not a conventional process.  But due to the diligence and open lines of communication between Owner, Contractor and Architect, it was very successful.

Living room
Living room
Main hall
North bedroom
New to old transition
House evolution
Before, during & after
Hallway before & after
Living room before & after
Kitchen before & after
Upstairs bedroom before & after
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